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Hello, I’m Craig McMormack 'Macca' a British inventor and video maker. A Mechanical Engineer by trade, I have a deep knowledge and passion for developing ideas into real things. 

I’ve made loads of mad stuff, but i’m probably more well known for inventing and making the Doubleback Utility Vehicle-

The Doubleback concept was conceived by me in 2009. I designed and built the first prototype in my workshop over a 9 month period. Once finished I took it to Vanfest VW Festival 2009 where it was swamped with interest.


Since then, Doubleback has been featured in all the main media, starred on many TV shows and won countless design awards.



Ive got lists and lists of other ideas, so thats why Ive started the MaccaMakes youtube channel to film and document each design as quick as possible. Some are simple and some may be massive but all should be quite interesting. One of them will definitely be building a Doubleback van from start to finish so be sure to subscribe to the channel.


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